Anime/Manga UCT Winners Round Participants!!

here are the participants in the winners round


Anime/Manga UCT Losers Round Combatants!!!

Heres the participants of the Anime/Manga UCT Losers Round with there overall rankings !!!

Hayate no Gotoku! Chp 291 English Release!!

thanx to [C]han for there scanlation of the chapter Poor Nagi hope she gets better and better yet my Popularity Tournament has entered its GRAND FINAL with Hinagiku facing against her potential lover Hayate.

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Spoilers!!! Hayate no Gotoku! Chp 291 RAWS!!!!

here u go the raws for chapter 291 enjoy!!!


Hayate no Gotoku Chp 290 English!!!

heres the scanlated chapter by [C]han!

Special!!! RAWS “Heroes of the Sea Lifesavers” Hata’s Early Works Pt 1!!!

lol found the chapters and RAWS thought i might post them for your viewing pleasure theres 5 chapters of this series and if ur a big fan of Hayate you’ll notice … lets say Similarities XD

and any1 knowing the names of these characters let me no XD or me and some of my friends might scanlate these works who knows!!

thanx to antropoceno for providing the link XD and of course Hata-sensei for these series!!!

for instance :

Heroes of Sea character = Hayate no Gotoku character

Blond Haired Main Character = Souya Minamino

Blond Haired Main Heroine = Nagi Sanzenin …… in 5-6 years

Black Haired Main Character = Ikusa Ayasaki … well duh

Mini Afro Man = Gilbert Kent

Pinned Hairstyle Girl with Black Haired = Sakuya Aizawa mixed with Maria

Long Haired Glasses Girl = Saki Kijima

Short Haired Girl with Glasses Girl = Natsumi Seto

its long but it is 5 chapters XD

soon to come God’s Rocket Punch OneShot

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Hayate no Gotoku! Chp 289 English!!!

thanx to redevlishn for the scanlations and the usual credits